Personal Protection

In addition to offering classic protection services for individuals, companies and organisations that are at risk, we consider all aspects of the protection of family members to be one of our core strengths. We believe that protecting children discretely, so that the children are unaware of the measures in place, is one of the most important challenges for our security team. We frequently support our security operations by using structural and or technical tools. Before a personal protection concept can be implemented, we complete an accurate risk analysis with the client and where appropriate the organisation or company.


We can carry out all manner of investigations for employers and private individuals, as well as for companies and organisations. Our clients have often found themselves in a situation where an external or internal influence has interfered with /damaged their daily business. Each investigation includes carefully collecting relevant facts and documenting the findings in such a way that they could be used in a court of law. This means that, in consultation with the client, we are in a position to pursue the case through official legal channels if required. In this way the client retains their influence on the potential effect on public image.

Security Training

Our training experts can provide a wide range of security-related training for individuals and groups. Examples include preparation for the GeWO exam and behaviour training for issues such as attack, stalking and personality presentation.

Security Consultancy

The starting point of any security operation is a detailed and holistic security consultancy. At Scutum Solutions we carry out this process in consultation with the client to ensure that their wishes are integrated in any measures we recommend. We can offer security consultancy for a broad range of potentially risky situations. Each component can also be conducted as an isolated consultancy if required:

  • Travel security
  • Consultancy for construction and security systems
  • Behaviour / conduct counselling
  • Establishing profiles for Employees with security backgrounds
  • Support during the hiring process

Other Services

In addition to protection and security services, we also offer services tailored to our clients’ needs, and enabling them to carry on their daily lives with no concerns or disturbance to their daily schedule. Services include:

  • Chauffeur service
  • Car Fleet coordination
  • Housekeeping e.g. preparing home for return after business trip /holiday
  • Property care e.g. supervising domestic contactors while owner is absent
  • People support

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